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Jim Bevenhall

Summary (details)

Unix systems engineer with more than 30 years of experience in dynamic, chaotic event-driven environments. Superior technical background as a determined systems administrator and project engineer working with Linux, Solaris and Windows systems administration and Oracle DBA. Significant hardware installation, proprietary and Open Source integration, tuning, troubleshooting and infrastructure analysis, including virtualization with VMware, GCP and Kubernetes, Openshift, SAN, storage and backup.

  • OS (Linux, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX and BSD, Windows Server)
  • Databases (MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Informix, DB2)
  • Storage (DataDomain, HP EVA, Hitachi)
  • Web (Apache, Node.js, JBoss, nginx)

Professional history and assignments


  • Infrastructure Architect
    Maintenance, problem solving, incidents, compliance control and proactive solutions for HCL involving customers like Volvo, SJ and Stockholms Stad. Never boring; outstanding, especially considering colleagues and managers onsite at customers premises.
    (Linux, Solaris, AIX, ESXi/VMware)

    Fujitsu: (2008-2016)

  • Systems Consultant
    Installation and Configuration for vSphere environments
    Installation and Configuration for vSphere environments
    ...and also for i.e. SIDA, Toshiba, H&M, SJ (exit), LRF (exit).
  • Systems Engineer
    Volvo Cars Corporation
    VCC Infrastructure Design, Installation and Configuration for vSphere
    Delta transformation and separation from Ford
    Consolidation, virtualization, management, installation, migration and adaptation to Ford, ITIL and SOX requirements at VCC IT department.
    (Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, ESXi/ESX/VMware)

    Atea AB: (2006-2008)

  • Volvo IT
    Migration and conversion of production and test servers to virtual environment. Rapid deployment of infrastructure servers.
    (Linux, ESX/VMware, Windows)
  • VGR IT
    Installation, configuration and implementation of VMware ESX and Virtual Center. Upgrading and migration of production VMs and High Availability environments.
    Disaster recovery and restoration of compromised internal regional systems and servers.
    (Linux, ESX/VMware, Windows)

  • Swedegas
    Migration and virtualization of physical production servers during online hot relocation/colocation.
    (Linux, Oracle, ESX/VMware, Windows)
  • Intraservice
    Rapid deployment and configuration of ESX and virtual servers
    (Linux, Altiris, ESX/VMware, Windows)

    Calvia AB: (2006)

    ITC: (2003-2006)

    McLead AB (legacy site): (2002-2004)

    Digital Island, Inc: (2000-2002)
    (History here)

    Adera Business Solutions AB: (2000)

    NCL System AB: (1999-2000)

    Information Highway AB: (1997-1999)
    (Seriously, read the story here)

    Frontec Konsulter AB: (1995-1997)

    Tripnet AB: (1995-2008)

  • Infrastructure
    ISP. Founder, developer & (former) shareowner
    See below for history.

    Saab Space AB: (1981-1995)

  • System Management & Administration
    CAD/CAM/CAE and intra-/internet design, development and deployment. Before common people even knew about email and web. Sweet. Also my first linux encounter in 1991, after SunOS.

    Education and certification (reasonably recent only)
    • Citrix XenServer (2013)
    • vSphere4 VCE (2011)
    • ITIL Foundation v3 (2009)
    For a listing of familiar s/w environments with which I have done commercial solutions in, see this addendum.
    Currently I am employed as an Infrastructure Architect at Akkodis, working with maintenance and proactive solutions for various customers, i.e. HCL (formerly Volvo IT), where I really appreciate the supportive, competent and responsive managers and colleagues: "like a squirrel on a peanut plantation".

    From 2007 up until 2016 I was employed at Fujitsu as a consultant, working for i.e. Volvo Cars during the Delta separation and transformation phases, SEB and Westinghouse infrastructure maintenance, and HM. Unfortunately I had more than 9 (in)different managers during this period. Continuity, anyone?

    Previous employment includes Atea and Calvia, mainly dealing with backup systems for i.e. Göteborgs Universitet and virtualization with Volvo IT. I have also worked with VGR as a server- and database administrator and developer.
    I am also involved with my own company, which I started in 2002, working together with i.e. McLead, Arkitema and Caravelle with various projects involving customers like Sun Microsystems, f.d. Zestica, Qondoc, Twilfit and McDonald's.

    Until January 2002 I was employed as a Systems Engineer at Digital Island, Inc., where I began in November 2000, working together with Sten Rönnbom, establishing the Scandinavian Sales Office. I was assigned to application and maintenance support for UBS Warburg who hosted their Solaris and Windows servers at Digital Island's globally distributed data centers in i.e. California, Hong Kong and Brussels.

    Before this I worked as a systems engineer at Adera Business Solutions where I was responsible for the inter-/intranet facilities and servers at the office in Göteborg. Prior to this I was employed as a unix consultant with NCL for a year. Before that I worked with Information Highway and Frontec, also in Göteborg, for two years, mainly working with customers like Telia, Ericsson, Astra and Volvo.

    Tripnet AB is a company I started in the end of 1994, initially based on free software solutions, together with a former colleague from Saab Space. I sold off my share in the company when I actually had to take the junior partners to court due to a serious breach of business agreement when they exhibited abnormal social deficits in communication skills, as it eventually became somewhat profitable. Anyhow, the Golden Moment was lost and don't expect me to vouch for any of my previous partners "experience".

    Saab Space Is where it all started. My first job. Older designers: "Computers? You take care of 'em." I wouldn't change anything if I had to redo it.

    About Me  
    Civil status: Married to Maarit Bevenhall (plus one daughter, born 2004.12)
      I also have two children, born in 1991 and 1993, from a previous marriage.
    Nationality: Swedish
    Born: May 1960, Göteborg.

    In my free time I like to travel with my family and friends and enjoy scuba diving in various (preferrably tropical) waters, although I tend to read a lot and also spend a ridiculous amount of time in pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs with my equally relaxed companions.
    As a side note, view my modest whisky collection here.
    Also, I enjoy collecting movies and tv shows. Basically I regard it just as an exercise in life cycle management, storage, data hoarding and keeping streaming services online. You can browse my library here.
    Otherwise I like to spend available weekends with my family at our petite summer resort.

    PGP Fingerprint = 0D 4C F1 37 96 C5 0C 2A 20 44 9E D4 3A F0 73 80

    Selected References

    Hans Rapp
    Telephone: +46 (0)731-517141
    Former Team Leader at HCL

    Stefan Olivebring
    Telephone: +46 (0)31-3228686
    Former Team Leader of the Fujitsu Unix/Linux Group at VCC.

    Christer Holm, Arkitema
    Telephone: +46 (0)733-999916
    Former Technical Director at Information Highway

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